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Folk Alliance International needs your involvement to develop and flourish. Our organization and conference are special because it is truly a community event as a result of the concerted effort of hundreds of volunteers, the music of hundreds of talented musicians, and the loyalty and passion of the thousands of people who make the journey to the conference each year.  All of this combines to create four great days and years of lasting friendships, fond memories, new business opportunities, and incredible music. The Organization’s year-round events, too, need the support of the community to remain vibrant and accessible to all.

Your Tax Deductable donation to Folk Alliance allows us to provide conference scholarships to enhance our ongoing youth and diversity development.

Mike Seeger Scholarship

Created in memory of Mike Seeger, who as a founding member of the New Lost City Ramblers received a 2004 Folk Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award, this fund will pay for transportation and an honorarium to bring a traditional musician or other tradition bearer to attend the FAI Conference each year to participate in panels and performances; the artist's conference registration fee and hotel accommodation will be donated by Folk Alliance International.

Mike Seeger spent his entire life tracking down many strands of Old Time Music tradition, including singers, dancers and instrumentalists from many corners of the United States and from dozens of cultural and racial groups. He collected material wherever he went, and taught the music in person and on a succession of vinyl records, cassette tapes, VHS and DVD recordings. As much as anyone could, Mike got people to learn to play, and gave exposure to the old music and musicians at the same time.

We propose to continue that practice within Folk Alliance, for the same reasons and in the same ways. There have been two recipients of the first Mike Seeger Scholarship: 93 year old Violet Hensley of Yellville, Arkansas (2009), fiddle player/fiddle maker; and legendary fiddler Paul David Smith (2010).

Those wishing to contribute to the Mike Seeger Scholarship Fund to support bringing these and other traditional artists to future conferences can make a donation at any time to Folk Alliance in any amount, via credit card, PayPal, or check made payable to Folk Alliance; please indicate "Mike Seeger Scholarship Fund." 

The Elaine Weissman Scholarship Fund

Since 2005, Folk Alliance has provided scholarships to over 100 conference attendees per year. The FAI scholarship program also provides a way for us to honor our longtime members that are no longer with us.  In 2012, scholarships were awarded in the names of Elaine Weissman, Utah Phillips, Victor Heyman, Phillip Davidoff, Sean LaRoche, and others. FAI scholarships cover full registration only.  Conference scholarship request forms are available under the 2013 conference information button and Scholarship Fund donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Dave Carter Legacy Project

There is a special gift for writing songs that are available to other people, and Dave's songs are very available to me. It's a kind of genius, you know, and Dylan has the biggest case of it. But I hear it in Dave's songs, too. -Joan Baez
Dave Carter began writing songs when he was six years old, but he did not enjoy national recognition until he was well into his 40¹s. Carter¹s trajectory on the national folk scene spanned four short years, from his 1998 wins at the Kerrville New Folk, Napa Valley, and Wildflower Performing Songwriting Contests to a five-week tour with Joan Baez the spring of 2002. The summer of 2002, at the height of his popularity, he died of a heart attack while on tour. He was 49 years old. Over the past decade, artists at every level of the spectrum have performed Carter¹s songs, with Joan Baez, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Chris Smither, Richard Shindell, and Ellis Paul being among the most notable. To date, more than 100 different artists have covered the work of Dave Carter -- a testament to the resonance and reach of a masterful songwriter whose career was altogether too brief. Playing a sole and unique role in bringing Carter¹s music to the public is Tracy Grammer, Carter¹s touring partner, muse, and advocate from 1996-2002. In addition to sharing the stage with Carter, Grammer was the duo¹s first booking agent, promoter, accountant, publicist, and manager. Grammer¹s
unshakable dedication to Carter¹s legacy took hold in a small Portland bar where she first saw him perform; she continues to advocate for Carter¹s work to this day. Since 2002, Grammer has carried the duo¹s music to audiences around the world, sharing the songs and the stories behind them with fans who may or may not have ever seen the duo play live. She has worked tirelessly to continue to bring recordings, transcriptions, and archival materials to an
ever-expanding fan base, doing everything in her power to ensure that Dave Carter¹s work and life story continue to circulate through the folk world and beyond. 
Preserving, fostering and promoting Dave Carter¹s music for the present and for future generations is a big job -- too great a job for one person, no matter how dedicated. As the 10th anniversary of Carter¹s death approaches, a larger platform is needed to ensure the preservation of Dave Carter¹s folk music legacy, as well as to plan for a celebration of his life.

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